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140th - 150th

The Juneteenth 150th Anniversary Campaign is currently underway.  Join in and help shape this historic celebration.
Official host of the 150th Juneteenth Anniversary Campaign is proud to announce the launch of the Juneteenth Anniversary Campaign, a 10-year initiative which will culminate with the 150th Juneteenth Anniversary, in the year 2015.

In June, 2005, launched an historic advocacy campaign to recognize and raise awareness for the 150th Anniversary of Juneteenth that will be celebrated in the year 2015.  The campaign aims to increase knowledge and appreciation of the roles, achievements and contributions of African Americans to our society, and pay tribute to an ancestral heritage upon whose shoulders many stand.  

The campaign, centers around assessment, goals, education, dialogue, responsibility, acknowledgement - and celebrates African American progress since 1865. Campaign Outputs in print will include; booklets, brochures, posters and the most highly anticipated, 150th Juneteenth Anniversary Year Book Digital outputs will include an electronic informational campaign, multimedia products including, audio/video cd's and dvd's, along with a comprehensive Web based presentation hub. 

People of all races, creeds and ethnicities have contributed to the price of freedom, and with the greatest honor, this campaign acknowledges these contributions.  We invite and encourage everyone to join with us in the planning, development and celebration of this historic campaign.  Ideas and support continue to flow in and are instrumental in shaping the campaign and the 150th Anniversary Celebration.

Please join us on this historical journey.  Sign up with the form below, through which you can become an active partner in building and shaping this campaign.

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