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"The work was done very impressively on the Triangle Trade. Tom Feelings is a great artist and writer."

"Praise God, I just learned about Juneteeth in my American Government class now I can celebrate it with all my brothers and sister. May God Bless YOU ALL!"

"I came to this site for a project for school. I didn't care about Juneteenth. But I couldn't stop reading. Now i will celebrate Juneteenth."

"I was speachless at first but now the healing can begin.God bless you!"

"Thank you Mr.Feelings for your extraordinary efforts in enlighting me and others of our rich heritage as well as our horrific experience during the slave trade. I have become very enthusiastic in my quest for knowledge on the subject. May God bless you!"

"It was refreshing to see that others celebrate Juneteenth also. I live in San Diego, CA and my family has been celebrating Juneteenth for 21 years now. This summer will be our 21st year."

"I was overwhelmed at this site It's truley a work of art."

"To the inspirational people who created this site: Thank you. For someone as "involved" as I thought myself to be, I truly have learned something new today. Thank you for taking the time to bring my generation another step closer to remembering our history."

"Wonderful informative site, I will share the info.with my sorority Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Rockland County Alumnae Chapter and our Rockland County Juneteeth Committee."

"I think this is an awesome students have enjoyed learning about Juneteenth and so have I..."

"Thank-You for this great, absolutely compelling web site. My work got an A* because of it"

"I think that this is an awesome idea. The symbol is truly amazing and this should be casted all over the world. This organization should have a day of celebration like the madi gras, freak nik. It would be a powerful day of celebration in honor of the ones whom survived slavery."

"I would like to compliment you on providing a Juneteenth web site. I finally found a site where I can obtain ideals and suggestions that will help me in planning my Juneteenth 2000 Celebration. I would love to share this web site with other Juneteenth organizations and committees."

"I feel that this is an excellant website. Well thought out and is a great representation of the black communities across the country that are doing something and letting people know that we are proud of our heritage and we want everyone to know....we are free but the fight is far from over!"

"I wanted to let you all know what a great job you are doing getting information out about Juneteenth. I'm working on putting a program together, and with your help it is going to be successful. Thank you and keep up the good work."

"I would just like to say that among all of the horrible things accessible on the internet it is great to see a website dedicated to such a great event. I am a teenage female caucasion from southern california, a place with few black people but many other minorities,and I feel it is very important to educate people that all people are equal and deserve to be treated with respect. It is my hope that more people will celebrate Juneteenth and recognize it as the first step in the long process of eliminating racism. Thank you for your contribution."

"This is excellent! There is so much history that goens untouched and unexplored. I am godly proud of your efforts and success as it relates to educating others on the history of our heritage."

"I was standing outside a hotel recently in Washington, DC and couldn't help but overhear a black couple discussing politics and something called "Juneteenth". I was so intrigued that when I got home I headed straight for the net and found your wonderful site. It's an inspiration to freedom loving people everywhere! Thank you for the opportunity to comment, and happy Juneteenth to all."

"I am so thrilled to have found this website. I am doing research on Juneteenth celebration activities, food, etc. and I found everyting I needed here. I belong to the Black History Ministry at the church I attend and were are planning to commemorate the Middle passage in June with another local group that has been doing it for 8 years now. We will meet on the shore of the Atlantic ocean here in Miami at sunrise and begin the service which will include drumming, singing , dancing reading, offering to our ancestors, etc. We hope to follow this up with a Juneteenth Celebration that same week. Peace"

"Thanks for a great site! We are planning a celebration and the information is extremely helpful."

"This is a joyous, festive event for all African-Americans. Our event this year is June 17th on-the-square/Central Park in Mansfield, OH. This is an all day event. We would like to do more to expand Juneteenth and your web site is going to help. I just ran across it today, February 7, 2000. Congratulations and please stay on the web! We need this information!"

"Wonderful site. Will tell all my friends about it."

"Finally, a site dedicated to informing the community about such an important event. It's sad to go to the Juneteenth celebrations in the city and see people there who have no real understanding of the purpose! I'll continue to promote and support this site. Infinite thanx!"

"I praise your website. In watching a episode of "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" a woman could not answer the question of what is Juneteenth. I have since told those I know. Your website gives even more insight. Thank you for helping to educate the masses."

"If it hadn't been for a question on Juneteenth on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", I, along with millions of other people would probably still be in the dark about this important date. Your site is wonderful and has certainly educated me."

"Thanks for your information. I'm writing an ESL online curriculum that will feature Juneteenth at Look for it in June!"

"I'm an Educator in the Alameda County Juvenile Court & Community Schools. You can't imagine how pleased I am to see important information concerning our history unfolding on the WWW. This is the will of God that we all come to the knowledge of the Truth... The truth is what will set us all free no matter what's the issue. Thank God for you and the real story is reaching each generation. Keep up the good work and I'll keep checking out your web-site. " And it came to pass " Praise God from whom all blessings flow...flow on my people! " Power through the People "

"Thank you for all of the wonderful info that I learned as a child growing up in Carthage, Texas. When I moved to Seattle, Washington 36 years ago, it seemed that no one in the entire state had ever heard of Juneteenth. I deliberately married on June 19 so that I would never forget the wonderful stories and joy that I felt during the Juneteenth Celebration in my home town of Carthage, Texas. I am happy to see that so many of my fellow brothers and sisters are getting the "word" and are appreciating the efforts and dedication of our ancestors. I am sponsoring one of the Juneteenth Celebrations in Seattle, Washington this year, June 16-18, 2000 with a 125-voice choir from Hamburg, Germany singing in the African-American gospel stylings in both German and English. Continue with the good works. If we can be of assistance to you, please don't hesitate to let us know."

"This is great for our youth - praise God, keep up the good work."

"I am a fifth grade teacher currently taking a class that is giving me all sorts of ideas to use in teaching our African American children about their heritage. This week we were discussing Juneteenth, and I said to myself "This is something that the kids don't know!" Now I am going to incorporate a Juneteenth celebration into the usual end of year graduation activiies. This way the children will be able to learn new information, celebrate their people's past and their individual futures, and have loads of fun in the process! Thanks for this wonderful site!"

"Excellent website. Very informative."

"we are in our 4th year of celebrating the Juneteenth experience and are please to learn that there is a website that will allow us to link with our brothers and sisters across the country and to recieve and offer any suggestions that will increase the success of celebration"


"That was the most inspirational masterpiece i have ever read in my whole life. i want to thank you for that. It made me realize that African Americans today dont know what our ancestors went through just to get us and education, freedom, civil rights and everything that was considered living in liberty. may God bless you on your good art work and i was wondering is there anyway that i could purchase any of these writings or art work. contact me on my email."

"What a wonderful webpage! Thank you for ensuring the our culture is well represented in cyberspace. May God continue to bless you."

"Greetings from Fort Valley State University a HBCU in South Georgia. I am commending the editors and contributors. I greatly appreciate you all widening my eyes to the struggle. An appreciative freshmen"

"Until yesterday at a PTA meeting discussing plans for a "Juneteenth" activity for the children, I had never heard of Juneteenth or I had forgotten about it. So I said to my husband, I will look it up on the internet. Thank God for the internet. Now my family and other familes I know will not continue in ingnorance concerning our heritage. Thank you for all you have done. Continue the great work that you are doing."

"The artwork was spectular. The design and the flow is to be commended"

"Although, I am a little green to the internetting world; I am extremely knowledgeable to being born Black in America and proud of it. The Juneteenth website just added a little more pride to my soul and I thought my cup was already filled to the brim. Keep up the fantastic work and look for "Kay's Creative Gifts & Artworks" to join you soon."

"Praises, Praises, Praises. This Website is wonderful and very informative."

"This website has provided me with a wider understanding of the agony and the pain my black brothers suffered on the Middle Passage, and if it weren't for their strong will to survive, I wouldn't be here to express myself or even be alive today."

"This is the best web site I have seen about the pass and what Juneteenth is really about. Thank you for this site!!!"

"Great site! love the info made available to visitors.we won't perish from the lack of knowledge thanks to you. God Bless your endeavor"

"Congratulations on an extremely nice web site!"

"This is great to let the people know about Juneteenth. As we go through Passover, a move should be made to make Juneteenth as important and recognized as Passover. They both serve as the same thing, just for different people."

"I had never heard of Juneteenth until I moved to Texas, 23 years ago. Now I have told all of my family, back in Ohio, about this most important holiday. I'm glad there is a website for people to go to get more information."

"I visited your site after reading about the exhibition of the Henrietta Marie coming to our area. I am a teacher, and I am planning on having my fourth and fifth graders learn about this historic celebration. Thanks for all the great information and background your site provides!"

"I found your site whilst browsing the internet in my search for resources to use on a educational slavery website for children in Bristol, England. A large number of the population of Bristol have their origins in the Caribbean, and therefore through direct descendents, the slave trade. I feel it vital that organisations such as 'Juneteenth' be brought to the attention of as wide an audience as possible in order to bridge the gap between myth and real understanding of a period in time that had such socio-economic significance worldwide. I have therefore included, with your kind permission, a link to my web pages ( and hope this will help in some way to promote your superb work."

"I'm glad to see this site. We have a Juneteenth Celebration in Pasco, Washington. It's sometimes hard to explain to local businesses and media verbally what Juneteenth is all about. This area is mostly caucasian and hispanics. Your information will be very useful for our planning committee. Thanks."

"I am a preservice teacher who will graduate in Dec 2000. I am creating a Slavery unit for my future Social Studies class and wanted a lesson to teach about Juneteenth to inform others of its significance. I also am a mother of an African American daughter and will be able to inform and celebrate with her part of her own heritage. Also my birthday is June 19th, so I just want to say keep up the good work as your site will help me with my life and my future role in teaching young minds of the importance of each individual's freedom and how it came about."

"I think this is a wonderful site and I am very pleased to see it. I believe African Americans should make an effort to perserve our history through documentation. I joined a historical group which is dedicated to historical preservation. It is certainly exciting to find documented parts of our heritage. Juneteenth has thrived in our Gulf coast community and each year the celebrations continue to grow."

"I believe your website will act as a catalyst for those of us searching for answers and for truths to check out the literature and to visit Africa, to open the dialog between our African, caribbean, and Haitian brothers who now cross the waters free of chains. We need to take our businesses across the waters and help our ancestors rebuild our forgotten homeland. We were forced to build this one now lets go home and take care of those who were deliberately cut off."

"Wonderful site. I'm telling all my friends about it. Thanks...."

"Thank God for freedom of our mind, soul, and spirit"

"Las Vegas is currentty organizing its FIRST Juneteenth Celebration!!!Thank you for this site that allows us to look at cities that have been organizing for years."

"The page is wonderful. I really enjoyed reading about our heritage. Thank you for taking time to put the information on the web. Hope to hear from your soon. Keep up the work. May God continue to Bless you and continue your widsom and knowledge. "

"My birthday is June 19,1945, since I've learned about the Juneteenth, I combine the celebrations. This is how my grandchildren learn their heritage.Because we tell stories about our ancestors, and celebrate life."

"i just think it's great that people of all cultures have access to an informative web site such as this"

"When we forget the atrocities of the past, we are doomed to arrive at the same place in the future. Contemporary forms of enslavement continue to plague our communities because we fail to study and understand our history appropriately. Witness the disdain many of the younger generation of our youth, the children of America's most widely educated generation of African Americans, show for education. How soon we forgot! We must teach our children about the true meaning of Juneteenth if we are to survive the 21st Century's more sophisticated forms of enslavement."

"This morning, I am truly impressed, inspirec, and impacted as to the greatness of our people. We truly are to be celebrated as we, one day, exemplify that enthusiasm towards each other. As a teacher of African Americans, Asians, Hispanic, and Europeans, I am encouraged to be in a position to teach ALL CHILDREN of not just our past, but our greatness. You're doing a fine job. Just keep on doing what you're doing."

"I would like to thank you for the enormous amount of information I received at this site. I am very interested in the history of Juneteenth. I am in the process of gathering information and ideas to present a proposal to City Hall, in the hopes that I can get their support to sponsor a Juneteenth Celebration this year where I live. It is so important to emphasis our African American History to our people, young and old. So much has been lost, it is up to us to keep the lines of communication open. African Americans should have knowledge about their history, unfortunately, that knowledge is not taught to our children in school. Once again, I want to thank you for this site and all the information received."

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