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"Thank you for establishing the site. It is a source of information and pride for us"

"I enjoyed this site tremendously. The knowledge and the art are so vital to our community. Regardless of color, I take great pride in passing the website address to others. Thank you for the knowledge."

"An awesome task started to awaken those sleeping in our time. If our children only knew how they are again placing us in the struggle."

"I have enjoyed your information very much. I recently became very involved in the study of my personal "roots", and it can be painful at times, but it has made a change in me that I am still learning to cope with. Never the less, I am proud of who I am, and my African and Choctaw ancestors. Thank you for showing us the truth-- it does have way of setting one free!"

"While surfing I found this interesting info."Granville Sharp, [an] English philanthropist and anti-slavery activist, was interested in obtaining a ruling against slavery in a test case, and in that effort helped join together a discontented slave, James Somersett, with Francis Hargrave, a brilliant young lawyer. On 22 June 1772, Chief Justice Mansfield ruled that Somersett should go free, as slavery was 'so odious, that nothing can be suffered to support it.' This ruling effectively brought about freedom for the slaves of England, Ireland and Wales. A similar ruling in 1778 (again engineered by Sharp) freed the small number of slaves residing in Scotland." How's that for Juneteenth in England !"

"I wanted to thank you so much. I'm a junior at Ruskin High School in Kansas City. I'm currently taking college credit classes. I have a research paper due in my Amer. Hist. 101 class and I found alot of helpful information on your web site. Thankyou again,"

"I am pleased to browse the internet and find something mind boggling and unforgettable as the mysterious photoes that depict my people, through out the continous struggle for equality that my people have had to face, on the web. I hope to continuously seach and find art and poetry that, like this uplifts my people and respectfully acknowledges that our history does not begin not end with the much respected Dr. MLK. We are so much more."

"I love you because God created us equally, without the approval of the ill-fated governments that does not have the interest of humanity at heart. I can only comment on one important thing, love your mothers, fathers, and children, that is the only way things will inprove on this planet., No political party, relgion, or government will replace the love of a family. Try as they make they are anti people, and family."

"Very professional and well organized site. I found it non-threatening and very informative."

"Thank you for the opportunity to commenton the wonderful worldwide Juneteenth activities. We are planning something for Marcus Garvey Library in London England. Please keep us infomed especially for the State of Washington which is my birthplace Our speciality for that period is the health and medical treatment in Africa and the African Diaspora. Friends of Marcus Garvey Library and Heritage Group Chair K.W. Spence-Lewis Consultant Researcher"

"I truly learned a lot from this website. Thank you! Tom Feelings book was excellent. I took it out of my library. If it wasn't for this website, I wouldn't have done so otherwise."

"I was looking for information for a history report when I stumbled across your site. I have never found such compelling material put together so well. Thank you very much for this site."

"I think this is a great Web site and I'm glad that it is offered over the internet, because how many African Americans can say that they have taken classes on the African American culture during High school or beyond. "

"I really appreciate the level of hardwork put into making this web-site what I know it as. It really has provided a tremendous amount of knowledge for me and has allowed me to grow culturally and spiritually."

"This is a subject which should be included in history lessons the world over, as it is because of all our ancestors that this holiday exists. I pray this will continue and I plan to help keep it alive. Our church is planning a celebration for next year and the years thereafter."

"Thank you for providing a websit to inform African-Americans about the Juneteenth Celebration. I for one was not aware of it's celebration until 1988, when I was stationed in Tucson, Arizona. When I inquired with people as to what exactly was "Juneteenth" the people I asked did not really know the true meaning of the celebration. I didn't learn the true meaning of the celebration until I went to visit my sister the following year in Austin, TX and every since then I have celebrated this holiday everywhere that I have lived. My sisters and I are orginally from Tennesse and they really enjoy the festivities given down there in Austin, TX. Being from a small town in Tennessee, we also have a similar celebration of sorts, we call it the "First Saturday of September" it's sort of like a huge "Black Family Reunion." This celebration occurs each year in JacksCreek, Tn and is also known as the "Cawthorn Family Reunion." This is typically a time to see and meet relatives that have moved away from this rural area and those that remain at home. The weekend is full of fun and festivities. Once an "outsider" has encountered the "good-times" to be found at this celebration they seem to come back year after year. Once again thank you for providing this wonderful website and much continued success in spreading the word about a holiday that we as a race can celebrate and embrace. Much Love,"

"I love your website and will recommend it on my radio program"

"As an American History teacher I was captured by the piercing illustrations of the middle passage. I am planning to utilize this web site in the classroom. Kudos to Tome Feelings! He has given me a powerful teaching tool."

"Hello It's 3:am in the morning and I could not go back to sleep. I decided to check out Black Families on the web. Well, I am pleased that I did. Your web site is very educating and moving. I truly feel that my ancestors wanted me to know this and spread the knowledge. Juneteenth shall now become my families Independence Day of celebration. You have my support and respect. Please continue with the wisdom. It's 5:09 am now and I'm still not sleepy (smile). I guess my ancestors feel that I should continue gaining knowledge. I will forward your site to others. I will vist your site often. Thank you for being here."

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