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One of the bright spots on the Web!

Keep up the good works of providing info on juneteenth celebrations around the country. The African American Chamber of Commerce salute you. We will use info from your site to make the celebration in Victoria, Texas a success. God bless!

Thank God for the internet. I have learned more from this one session than I ever knew in my life. I hope more people find this site. Keep up the good work.

Great web page! I am a Louisiana native who lived many years as an adult
in Texas (Galveston, Houston and Dallas). Now I live in Parague, the Czech Republic, where I teach English as a foreign langauge. I am using your web site to teach some of my more advanced students about Juneteenth, African American culture and American history. Thanks for a great site!

I was asked to organize an event at my workplace in recognition of Juneteenth.
Unfortunately, I was not aware of the celebration. Your website has been most resourceful and educating. I am proud to have the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful celebration. Much thanks to you and your sponsors for giving me (and many others) the spirit to keep fighting for the freedom & unity of all!

This website is awesome and powerful!


Wonderful web site. It was refreshing to find such wonderful detail on an African
American event such as The Middle Passage. I learned information that I had no idea existed. Thank you very much for developing this site, and keep up the good work. I am telling all I know about this web page. Thank you!!

June 19 is now my Family's Independents Day! Thank you for a history lesson that has been been long over due! I will also give my employees that day off!

thanks so much for the history of Juneteenth. I teach 3rd grade and your site helped me get the background knowledge needed to teach about Juneteenth. Thanks again.

This web site is like paradise. I am a 38yo A/A male in the military. I got my first taste of Juneteenth while stationed in LA. Since then I no longer celebrate the 4 July as my day of independence. This page should be visited by millions every year. I have already sent it to all my e-mail friends. God Bless and Be Encouraged


Thank-you for raising my consciousness up another level. How could I be
fourty-something and not know of this celebration? You have all of my love and support!

I know that this is irrelavent, but I am white. I think this event should be celebrated by anyone/and everyone who thinks it is worth celebrating, and most people where I live know nothing about it. What do you think? I have a bi-racial daughter who probably wouldn't be here if freedom was not given. I am very happy about this day. We usually have booths set up where people sell things, we have an entertainment contest, we have family feud, games for the children, door prizes, and this year I want to do a water play area for the kids ( because its usually hot).

This website is fabulous! We are so glad to find it here on the web. Keep up the good work!

This sight is wonderful and I am very pleased with abundance of information I found here. It really hepled me understand why Juneteenth was celebrated and it also gave valid reasons for why the celebrations should continue.

What a wonderful website so full of our history...Thank you for broadening my
knowledge....peace love and blessings..

This is a very positive thing (this web site). I encourage every brother and sister to
spread learn our history. And each one teach one

I just want to say that I think this web page is really nice. It is very informative
and I hope to see more things like this in the future. Black people helped build this
country and we are truly a beautiful people. It is time we let people know and celebrate

As an elementary school art teacher I have often times used African-American history in my art classes. I never knew about Juneteenth and I was very pleased to find your website. I will use this info this week, being the week of Juneteenth to inspire my youngsters to think about our Country's history as it relates to African-Americans. I will definitely pass on this website to my students, especially Tom Feelings book, Middle Passage. Thank you!

thank you thank you thank you

I came upon your web site today as link from a review of posthumous release of Ralph Ellison's "Juneteenth". I was at work and in a hurry, so I quickly clicked on several links and was about to leave when I hit the 'Pictorial' link…and I was blown away…
…for all the movies and the books and the history lessons, nothing has
had the impact of 3 minutes reviewing that link….I will be back for more
and often. My sincere and deepest thanks and compliments.

I am an African American Woman in the United States Air Force. Currently I am stationed in Japan and we are preparing for our Juneteenth celebration. I found your site informative, enlightening, as well as beautiful. We don't get too much information on our culture here, much less our history. It was very refreshing to see a site such as this on-line for US. Thank you very much.

The event of Juneteenth is a celebration of FREEDOM for all people who have ever been enslaved. It is the beginning of the end of oppression and the start of a new world life. Explore the new worlds and take on stores. Settle. Explore - store - settle.

Incredible site! Tom Feelings - very moving. I own the book, considering a print.

Thank you,

Thanks for your efforts and motivation...WE in Delaware will lend our support of this worthy celebration of our history. Again, THANKS

Like many adult African Americans, I have lived for 38 years and never heard of
Juneteenth. I am honored to have found such a informative vehicle as Please keep up the good work. I am going to tell everyone I know to check out your website.

Thanks! There are still so many African-Americans that do not know about this day. Thanks to this web page, you have truley helped educate me on my history. Don't ever stop!


This is an excellent site. The originators and all who helped get it together should pat themselves on the back and all Black people should stand and give you a well deserved applaud.

I am a fourth grade teacher in Berkeley, California. We have an assembly each year to recognize Juneteenth. This year I found your website and was able to educate myself and my students, using your history page. We are reciting the poems from your site. Thanks

This is a wonderful idea, a place to exchange ideas to offer support and to learn all at the same time, hats off, to the organizers.

Thank you for your powerful and moving poems regarding Juneteenth. Continue to keep the light shining for the next generation of brothers and sisters coming behind us.

What a true blessing it is to see more and more positive, strides of The Negro- Black African/american in the world of "high technology", and not just images and faces in the media portraying the negetive. Keep it coming!!!!!

Excellent, moving site. Things like this seem to renew my fervor for life.

Like many adult African Americans, I have lived for 38 years and never heard of
Juneteenth. I am honored to have found such a informative vehicle as Please keep up the good work. I am going to tell everyone I know to check out your website.

Fantastic Information. We, the military forces here in Misawa, Japan are also celebrating Juneteenth in recognition of our freedom and have made a link to your site from Thank you for an excellent source of knowledge.

I love the spirit of this entire "Juneteenth" Celebration. I would like to commend everyone who made this website and the acknowledgement of "Juneteenth" possible. This is quite an inspiration to the devlopment of our people. I think it's extremely important to know thy history to know thyself and I thank everyone who made it possible.

This is great. It's great to find someone get the history of Juneteenth correct. The Celebration was not because the proclamation was signed. Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in late 1962, a year and a half AFTER the war began. It had no practical affect on slavery, because it only applied to states engaged in war against the Union. Slavery in the Union was still legal. Lincoln had no control or influence on Confederate States. The only practical application of the proclamation was to make it difficult for Britian to enter the war to help the Confederacy. The reduction of cotton and tobacco exports was hurting Britian, but Britian's Labor Party was very anti-slavery. The proclamation made it politically impossible for the Queen to side with the south. With the war over, and Union soldiers present to enforce the proclamation, it was now enforcable and slaves could actually walk off the plantation.There was actually something to celebrate.

I think it is with great pleasure to see something with such great importance to African Americans and their history being displayed here. I for one am always interested in our history . The unique thing is that in every one of these 50 United States there is a rich History about African Americans and our strides as a people, but so much of it is yet to be explored.

I am always for preserving it because if we as AA don't no one will no how great a people our ancestors were and how they like no other group in America contributed VASTLY to the creation of this great nation. What the celebration of Junteenth means to me is a chance to reflect on my ancestors who for so many years sweat and worked hard in deplorable conditions for FREE to build America THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TODAY. Every time I think about it it gives me the shivers. I am so very proud of my African-American heritage and June 19th really is a time to celebrate my achievements as an individual and to continue strive for excellence and to remeber most of all we as African Americans come from a race of people whose ancestors were the strongest choosen from Africa to come to America, and build it with there 400 yrs+ FREE labor. My AA brothers and sisters let us celebrate our achievements and keep in mind WE ARE SURVIVORS and let us strive always for excellence in every thing because god gave us unlike any other race the ability to SURVIVE DESPITE CONDITIONS. I love you brothers and sisters. HAPPY JUNETEENTH.

P>S> Remeber this is yours and my country, so let us go out there and take what rightfully belongs to us.(i.e. oppurtunities,education,etc)

Thank you for making this site available. Sad to say, I did not know tht this day existed until I was looking thourgh my DADS calendar, A Tribute To Men of Color and Their Children. I did not know what is was, so a few us at work decided to look it on the internet and your site was the first stop we made. Again, thank you!

I am so pleased to see that there is detailed information on Juneteenth. I am an assist teacher for a Mpls. school and I wanted to educate my students on the history of Juneteenth. Each year they celebrate it and have no idea why. Thank you for the information.

I found your information on the History of Juneteenth quite knowledgable. I used your information to explain to the members of the Juneteenth Committee who didn't have a clue to what Juneteenth meant. Don't participate in a cause when you don't know the background of it, I always say. Thank you for keeping the African-American History alive!!! Please, keep this site very active!

It is important that we collectively recognize and pay tribute to our ancestors who, in spite of the holocaust of enslavement, survived and made significant contributions to this foreign land; and to those of us who have inculcated the psychological scar of enslavement, who choose to honor, remember and dedicate ourselves to the collective well-being of our entire community.

Wow! Thaks for the info. I'm working with an organization that's planning a Juneteenth Celebration and my knowledge of the Juneteenth was very inadequate. I found your site informative, eduational and just plain impressive. peace and love.

DOMO ARAGATO, it is Japaneese for Thank You. It has been a pleasure exploring your website. I am in the Air Force and am currently stationed at Misawa AB, Japan. A group of us have recently gotten together to promote a Juneteenth celebration on base here at Misawa. Unfortunately this was a first time venture, and neither of us had any previous experience putting together such an event. Needless to say your website has proven to be invaluable. Not only has it given me a wealth of additonal information, it has also linked me to other individual doing the same thing at other Air Force Bases around the world. I have e-mailed them requesting assistance in this venture. Much thanks to you and your endeavors. We hope to submit pictures soon of our upcoming Juneteenth Celebration at Misawa AB, Japan.

This is exactly the type of networking that we need in order to stay informed and connected. Thank you for all the wonderful information that is being shared about Juneteenth across the world. BRAVO to all the people who work behind the scenes to make this happen. All of our heads together is smarter than anyone apart. It is this type of collective thinking and opportunity that will help us all rise to the occasion. There is power in knowledge and pride in power. "If you think that education is expensive, try ignorance." Thanks so much, keep the faith!

I love the artwork of Tom Feelings. I came to this website with the intent to learn about the Middle Passage, but ultimately learned much more about life. Thank you.


I'd just like to thankyou for this web page. I am doing a school assignment on the 'middle passage' and I found your page very helpful. Also, although I am not black (and not even American for that matter) I still am against slavery in a major way, it was so terrible what happened, well, maybe one day justice will be served!

This is my first time visiting this website. I was very impressed. I was especially excited about the website I didn't know there was one. This is going to very educational for my children, because it is so hard to find the material that covers black history and up until now I been going on my memory and what was taught to me by my parents and family. Thank you and god bless you for the insight for starting this site.

I am most grateful for the web site. I have found priceless information and ideas of activities. I wish to becom a member of the NAJl. How does one apply?

This is a great site. i never knew about junteeth until today. thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn something new and interesting

thanks from a texan often far from home and one that often tell others about juneteenth and the joys and reason for celabration. now i am inpower with more information. ican pass it own to my sons in hope that they will carry this day in there hearts also ..

i believe that it is beautiful what you guys are doing for your culture and it's people.

Thank God for people and and in particular a website like this. I commend the creator for such a great work of design and historicity.

Very informative, well-designed and well-written. Thank you for your efforts to commemorate a critical moment in our nations history.

I have visited your site many times since I discovered it. Thank you so much for the education about our history. I am in to black history much more than I have ever been thanks to you. Also thank you for putting me in touch with TF.


I was simply thrilled to see that Juneteenth is being recognized, I am a single mother of three and had heard of this holiday long ago, I think all of our children should know about it. Thank you.

Thank you for putting this information where our children can see it. I have had a hard time teaching the subject of slavery to my students. Some of them think they come from slavery. When I tell them that we come from from greatness, they just don't believe it! They and their parents have been brainwashed!

Bravo for any chance we get, take, acknowledge and celebrate the liberation of our ancestors. I've only just come to be aware of this magnificent celebration and embrace it fully and will definetly pass the word on to others who might be also in the black hole of 'Black History Unawareness'. It is our duty to help others see the LIGHT!!!!!!!!!

i would like to express my complete joy in sharing this information with my childred. i inform them of juneteeth years ago and they thought i made it they are really looking into this celebration.

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