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I'm a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, before coming to Germany I was clueless about Juneteenth. But since being an active member, I help put together a Juneteeth Picnic for all the Fraternities and Sororities, in Germany. Now that I see your web site, I will definitly visit everyday! Knowledge is the key!

Thank you for one of the most complete and informative sites around. My son and I are doing research for a school project of his and we found a wealth of information on your site. We will celebrate Juneteenth this year with joy and thanksgiving but mostly with knowledge and respect for generations before us that
perservered. We'll break out the barbeque, strawberry soda and
pray to God that all generations remember. Thank you,

This is BEAUTIFUL. I enjoyed journeying with Tom and I appreciate the invitation. Please create more sites for all to visit and be enlightned by. I would like to order the book and prints.

I love juneteenth when it comes around because it brings positive spirit to african american history

Great site - I always thought that Juneteenth was a uniquely Texas holiday, celebrated as only Texans can. I'm glad to see that it has spread. Some interesting tidbits - My dad grew up in East Texas in Winfield. His memories of Juneteenth were of delicious Barbeque-and he tried to sample every dish. However, being white, the unwritten rule was that he could not ask what was in the dish! But being a young kid, he did anyway. Some of the answers were surprising. Evne though we are white, we did have our own Juneteenth cookout avery summer. It wasn't until much later that I realized the values he was trying to teach me. Thanks for the great site.

I am a 23 year Mississippi State University African American student majoring in history. I had thought that I knew my fair share of history until my wonderful mother-in-law mentioned to me that she was going to start her Juneteenth up again. I hd no idea what she was talking about. She explained to me the history part and I was amazed at this info that I did not know. So I told her I would immediately research the topic on the internet so here I am. I am astounded at what I've learned today and I want to know all that I can about this event.

The information on your site is helping our museum to be better informed about Juneteenth. We are planning a "pre-" Juneteenth (June 6) to acquaint our community about the "real" celebration that our African-American community will have on June 19.

This is a wonderful site. I discovered it by reading Essence magazine. I hope you will soon have all states involved in the historical celebration.

This is a wonderful event. However this this my very first time hearing about it. I'm empolyed at a Historic Black College and this year I will try to get everyone hear at the University involved during this week of the celebration. I ahve already spoken with the Archives here at the University about doing something educational or displaying information thoughtout the campus to let our young adults learn about our history.

May God continue to bless you all!

I love this site!!! It's wonderful, all the information you have here is SO vital to our backgrounds that we HAVE to know more.

I have been aware of the Juneteenth for several years; however today I was browsing my Essence Magazine for the month of June and discovered this website. Needless to say, I viewed the entire website and it was quite compelling. Especially the information about the Middle Passage. It makes you feel something deep down inside. I have been wearing my "Remember the Middle Passage" sweatshirt with pride for a few years. I have had several people ask, "What is the Middle Passage?" and I don't hesitate to explain. Anyway, it was a joy visiting this website and I have bookmarked it for future reference. It has also sparked an interest in getting some type of Juneteenth celebration going in North Carolina. Thanks!


I was happy to see info. on Juneteenth in Essence. I first heard of Juneteenth in a romance novel. I look forward to seeing more about it in the coming years. I don't know if it is celebrated in Chicago. As a people the 4th of July has nothing to do with us, yet many continue to get involved. Thanks for letting me vent.

The website is very informative. I visited the site looking for information on what kind of activities would be going on in my area. In searching for that material I ended up going from page to page and learning so much more. It was very interesting to learn the history of Juneteenth.

I am glad that there is information available on this subject. Until recently I knew nothing about this event. I am well enlightened and looking forward to finding out more about ME.

Outstanding job! Being from Texas celebrating Juneteenth all my life. It is great to have your Website as an avenue to let the world know. Of my 22 years in the Air Force I have travel all over the world and met our brothers and sister who knew nothing of Juneteenth. Some of these indivuals were even from Texas. So keep up the great work.

My ten year old cousin was asked me the history of Juneteenth. I explained it to him as I had been taught, and he contradicted me according to what he read in his textbook. His textbook labeled it "a family reunion" with no reference to slavery and Texas. As a decendent of Texan slave ancestery I was appauld but not surprised at the insufficient information provided in his textbook. I explained to him that we would search for a definition on the internet, and I was pleased to find your site, which confirmed my understanding of the day.

Continue to keep up the good work keeping the nation and our children informed.

Thanks for the information. The more we know, the more power we have. Scripture says "My people perish for lack of knowledge."

This is a very educational and enlightening website and thank you for preparing it. I will definately put this address in my favorites and hopefully be kept abreast of the juneteenth activities around the world. Again, Thanks!

This is a wonderful, wonderful website. Great enjoyment and wonderful reading and historical knowledge. Thanks.

My husband have a gathering of 150 people in our home. This will make the fourth year, celebrating Juneteenth. This holiday is the most important day in the lives of African Americans. While many are still celebrating the 4th of July, a holiday that has nothing to do with us, because our people were still enslaved on that date 1776. People need to educate themselves about our holidays, and realize and accept that it is ok to have our own celebration of Emancipation. I am happy to see so much info on Juneteenth. I am always looking for new ideas for our celebration. This year our theme is Sankofa. Thank you!

This is a wonderful site. It is very informative. I'll share it will my friend and co-workers. Keep up the good work. If we forget where we came from , we won't have an idea of where we wish to go. Thanks

Beautiful Job! I am so very proud that this site is on internet. It will help to educate many of our young people as well as remind our older people that time must not be forgotten. We must rise above out of our crisis. We have done so in the past, is doing so now and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for thinking of this.

Thanks for all the information. It will be helpful in planning our celebration.

Thank you for such an informative website. My reading group "REFRESHING MINDS" is preparing a Juneteenth event.."A Day of Remembrance and Recollection, for the first time, and it was refreshing and amazing to see that so many others are doing the same. That's for sharing.

Thank you for the opportunity to get involved in this celebration. While I lived in Texas the festivities were exhuberant and multi-layered. To come here and find nothing was a severe letdown. Thanks to all of those who have orchestrated the plan for "juneteenth" to be the celebration that it should be nationwide.

It was a pleasure to wander upon the Juneteenth website. I had not heard the 'holiday' mentioned since my college days in the late 60's. My family in Louisiana used to celebrate the day with a barbecue and homemade ice cream...yum, yum. I'm glad that it is regaining its glorious past and will pass some printed
information on to my sons. This is one of the many things we gave up to live in New Hampshire.

I truly enjoyed the info on juneteenth. and the Tom Feelings "middle passage" I have plans on purchasing the book. Thank you! Also I stumbled across this web site surfing and it should be advertised more again thank you.

I was very well informed. I strongly suggest that you continue impacking people lives with such educational information. Thus, how lease of words I can say to express my profound appreciation. Thank you very much

I'm glad this site has been put together because it is full of information that people need to be aware of, especially African Americans. I'l do whatever necessary to pass the word on this informational site. Continue to educate the global community on this matter.

I was overwelmed with excite me and the amount of information concerning the Juneteenth Celebration and all the festivities

Truly appreciate this web site. I have been researching Juneteenth for some time now and when I discovered your site I knew I found what I need!!!! Thanks for a fantastic job!

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