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How very wonderful to have come across your very informative web site. It is very refreshing to see that the internet is allowing so much of Afro-American history to be brought forward. Had I not found the 'Juneteenth' site, I would never have been aware such a celebration or original incident happened. Thank you for bringing this to light.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the providers of this web site. I work in a therapeutic community and we believe in ceremony and recognition of all cultures and history. It is quick, easily accessible and informative. Peace,

This web site is wonderful; I found it to be very informational and I am going to share this page with my niece to use as a teaching tool. Thank you for this wonderful contribution...

Thank You many times over for this site. I have just returned from Dakar Senegal, and visited Goree Island. The experience was overwhelming to say the least. Since my return I can't seem to get enough information regarding my heritage and culture. My neice and I are planning a return trip in February '98 I am 61 yrs. old and regret not having taken the pilgrimage a long time ago. We look foward to hearing from any of our people who have the same intrests in The Motherland

I would like to thank whoever published this on the internet. I've truly been enlighten about Juneteenth. Now I can pass it on to a friend.

This was most informational and quite tastefully done. It was wonderful to see this information written and displayed on the internet. It makes me very proud to be an AfriCAN AmeriCAN.

In this world which we live and work, I feel this info is extremely important. We need to know our history/ancestory. Until a friend asked me to search "Juneteeth Day" I had never hear of such a thing. It's sad to say that our people do not join together in more activities and/or are not aware of them. It's a wonderful way to celebrate us! I believe I have browsed through all categories and will share with friends and family about it and maybe we could get "Juneteeth Day" celebrations started in our community!

I appreciate the historical reminder of the end of slavery in Texas. It never came up when I was in school.

Thank you for taking the time to put this home page together. It is my hope that more people learn about the African-American Independence Day. Like so much of our history, our children (and ourselves) seldomly get the whole truth about our heritage. Keep the faith and may God bless all your endeavors.

Glad to hear that more people are being enlightened We were used to celebrating Juneteenth in Denver CO, but I find that a lot of people are still unaware. Keep up the good work, and continue to spread the word on a wonderful Holiday!!

We would just like to thank you for a wonderful site that sheds light on an important and forgotten aspect of African American history. I took the liberty of providing a link to your site on my homepage and will spread the word as well. Thanks for the insight and knowledge. Peace...

Thanks For the uplift

This is a very educational piece of information it should be distributed out to all states,cities, and small towns

Thanks for the information. Keep up the work of bring the Net to our culture with info that effects us as a people. And indeed allowing others to taste our diversity as a people via the Net, maybe the next step will be, each human being holding hands and embracing a truely divers world.


I am grateful for the site that you have available. I am happy to know that I, my family and friends have somewhere to go on the Internet to learn the truth about our history.

Wonderful! Growing up in California, I was taught very little about Black heritage. Now, in my adult life, I am totally fascinated with Black heritage and I am thrilled that I can "surf the web" to find out about my Black heritage. Keep on keeping on with the great work!

"Think this is a Grand site".Please continue with Your work.For it has only begun!

You're right the pictures alone tells the story.My wife first told me about Juneteenth when we got married, two years ago.We decided then to attend the yearly event every year. It's held in our neighboring state of Arkansas .We live in mississippi, It was a beautiful story when she told me about the celebration, and your pictures only add to the untold stories and images inside my own head.Thank You

I am glad to see this website with positive information that is accessible to our younger generation African Americans.

I have truly learned something from reading about the beginning of Juneteenth. I was not aware that it extended back so for or what the reason why it was celebrated. Now that it is known to me, I will certainly continue to keep abreast of when it is and take part in any means that I can. As well as getting other interested in taking an active part from my community. It is a great thing that brings all mankind together. This is a great thing for African Americans of yesterday, today and most definitely tomorrow.

I thought the two poems, "Keep In Your Heart The Blood" and "We Rose" were quite powerful and moving.

I think what this information is the bomb!!! PLEASE! keep it up.
A Brother from chicago. plenty much love!

We love your site....I am a native of New Orleans. The Juneteenth Institute is currently planning the first Juneteenth Celebration to ever take place in Arlington, Texas. I will be attending the Bayou Classic in New Orleans in a few days. I would love the opportunity to meet with individuals involved in planning the New Orleans Juneteenth. Please contact me prior to next Wednesday and maybe we can plan to meet.

as an intern at a civil rights institute, i appreciate the information provided by your web page. quite thorough and extremely well put together! thank you !

Your entire net coverage of the African-American experience is quite timely. Thank You for the privilege of obtaining this information.

Great work! Keep doing what you do God be with you always

I have been spreading the news of Juneteenth throughout my area. I'm glad to have this wonderful site to share with my real and online community.

Hello, I am new to the Net. I am very excited after finding you. I am very much interested in Afro-American History. I just can't get enough books on the subject to fill my appetite. I participated in the Juneteenth celebration last June here in Phila. You should be applauded for the level of information given on "Juneteenth. Thank you very much for making me realize that the Net is the place for me. God Bless You and May Our ancestors continue to smile on you.

I was overjoyed to learn that we have a page on the internet whereby we (as well as other races) can learn by what means we came to this country and the struggle we endured after arriving.

Excellent info tool. I'm discovering there are a number of 20-somethings in our community who know the color of our skins, but very littel else.

A superior web site!

Thank you for the time and effort you've expended to ensure that such an important occurrence regarding the history of America is not forgotten. A history that should be celebrated with honor and pride by all. Being a native Texan, I always thought that we--blacks in Texas--were the only one's to celebrate Juneteenth. I cannot express the joy that I feel...just knowing that so many people are learning more about Juneteenth. Thank you again and may God Bless and Keep you always.
Warmest regards,

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