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So much information. So much history. It goes without saying that you have really done your home work. The site is wonderful. Hope more people take the opportunity to educated themselves on our heritage. Texas

I am a columnist at for the student newspaper at the University of Iowa. I am writing a column about Juneteenth. For research, I came to this site. Thanks. One of the best sites I've ever come across. Peace.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our 1997 Schedule of Events. is easy to remember. Do we have permission to refer others to in our advertising and publicity spots? Schedule will follow shortly...

I was in a crunch to come up with data on Juneteenth, I had about oneteenth of a second. By the grace of our ancestors, I found your site and WoW!

Thanks for being there for me. I will let others know you are out there.

I am in awe of the information on the website regarding Juneteenth. I am a 40 yr. old African-American woman and I have never heard of Juneteenth until this very moment. I was listening to our local radio station, MAJIC 108 FM, and they were talking about the Juneteenth Celebration here in St. Louis, Missouri and the various activities that will be taking place. As I listened, I began to wonder "what are they talking about, what is Juneteenth"! The DJ, Chaze Saunders, mentioned there was loads of information on the website and that is how I connected and found this vast well of knowledge about our history. I will be ever grateful for this. However, I would like to get as much information about Juneteenth as possible. I would like to take it to my church, especially our youth ministry. Also, I would like to know how to get a Juneteenth organization started here in St. Louis, Missouri. I've mentioned this to several friends here (who have never heard of Juneteenth as well) and they are excited about the idea of starting such an organization, and taking the information to the churches, and youth groups in our area. I would greatly appreciate any information or help you can give us. I am very excited about this. I plan to purchase the book by Tom Feelings you have advertised on the website. The pictures were very moving and triggered a great deal of emotions and they were beautiful. I hate it has taken me 40 yrs. to find out about Juneteenth, but I am glad I did and will pass it on. Maybe next year, God willing, we will have something major here in St. Louis, Missouri. Thank you!!!!

I am from Texas, the state that originated Juneteenth and I found your website to be most informative and enlightening. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!!

Cape Cod Celebrates Juneteenth! Theater on the Bay, in Bourne, Massachusetts proudly presents the 3rd annual observance of Juneteenth on Cape Cod with a Celebration of African-American Folk Expression Singers, Storytellers, Poets, and Speakers,featuring the
Mighty Wings of Zion Gospel Band ...

Extrodinary and fantastic presentation. I printed for my son to do a report on for school. I would like to organize a Juneteenth Celebration for my brothers and sisters in the valley of Harlem.

This morning the medical director at the hospital where I worked said to me "Happy Juneteenth" I said excuse me and he repeated again "Happy Juneteenth". I honestly did not know what he was talking about. Quite by accident as I was surfin the net I saw something that said celebration of Juneteenth Day. I immediately came to your site and have finished reading about Juneteenth Day. I am black and all my brothers and sisters were born and raised in Hawaii. My dad is still in Hawaii after 54 years. Both my parents are from Georgia. Daddy moved from Georgia when he was 24 with his buddies to come work on the shipyard at Pear Harbor. Our lives we were brought up with Hawaii history, which I still love the history. As I was reading Tom Feeling's story I suddenly realized how fortunate I am to celebrate both cultures in my life. I will now start reading about our past to get a better of understanding of our culture. I thank you for this web site.

I was very impressed with your website! Keep up the good work. You have provided me with information on activities taking place in my home state of North Carolina. Presently, I'm stationed at Grand Forks AFB, ND I'm sad to say that only a handful of people realize the importance of this day. Thanks again for the information. How can I get some of the prints "Middle Passage"?

I was moved by "The Middle Passage." Absolutely wonderful artwork and the simplicity of the words gave it strength and meaning. Until today I never knew what Juneteenth was or what meaning it has for all Americans.

Thanks for sharing. We in Jamaica W.I. will re-commence celebrations of our Emancipation Day, with our celebrations on August 1st. We got our on that day 1834. The Emancipation Day Secretariat would love to hear from you. If you can come to our celebrations, I would personally welcome you

I think that you have taken a bold intiative to spread a very important message. Do, by all means, continue to spread the word. Too many African-Americans do not know what Juneteenth represents. Your message is timely and much needed.

I was very happy to see this site. In this new age of technology, we have to get any and all information out to the masses. I plan on visiting this site more often. Information is power!! Thanks again.
Much Love and Peace,

Thank you for this very attractive and innovative web site. I am delighted that you have published this and hope that you will expand on this site so that our children may experience first hand the work, thoughts, and history of African-Americans world wide. There is so much to do and I am delighted to see that much of it is being done here. I am only sorry we are not in the US to help!! Sonja (Russia)

I've just read the poetry and it was heartwarming. Keep up the good work - a Canadian friend.

I have really enjoyed the Juneteenth Website. I think it is great to have such a wonderful page in Black History. Many people (blacks incl) have not heard of Juneteenth and its importance to our rich history. I am 44 years old and just resently heard of it myself. Thanks very much,

Thank you for creating this web page. I am of African American descentand never heard of Juneteenth. Ironic? Maybe. But sad the information wasn't past along for that all our people would come together to rejoice, reflect, and set new goals and partnership.

I am in awe of such a wonderful web site. I never this existed until today when I was reading this week's news on CNN interactive. This is such an incredible, moving thing for me that words are insufficient. I'm torn between reading everything on site now and running to tell all my friends about it right now. Thank you for making my day much brighter.

I was just remarking to my girlfriend that too few white Americans know anything about the significance of Juneteenth. It was a pleasure to find this site and be able to learn more about what it means to African-Americans. I liked the site very much, and found it to be a positive statement, both about how the wounds of slavery are (hopefully) beginning to heal, on both sides. I am a firm believer that education is the key to ultimately moving past that page in our collective history. Sites like this one are a powerful tool. Thanks.

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