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I can't believe what a wonderful site this is. I am a African American History student at UCLA and this site is so helpful for me. When I look at their pictures, I just get this feeling comes over me that I can't describe! It is such a deep feeling. As a young African American, I can truly appreciate this site. Thank You!

I'm pleased to have come across this website. I'm still moved by Tom Feelings' essay and paintings. Continue your valuable work for greater awareness.

Thank you "Keep in Your Heart the Blood" says it all. How badly we have robbed ourselves and our children by hiding from it and being ashamed. We are such a great people to have overcome so much. We must remember and pass on pride, self-esteem, and honor to our children and each generation to come. Happy Juneteenth - may our next emancipation be of our hearts and minds. Thank you

It is always refreshing to encounter well-needed African-American sites. In these times of blatant racism, it is a pleasure and an honor to visit a place where I am accepted as me.

I really enjoyed myself drop us a line sometime We need more sight like this one God Bless you All!

Very interesting web site, loved it! Five years ago while talking to my uncle who at the time had been working part time on a family tree I mentioned the Juneteenth holiday to him and that there was a general with the same name as me who was basically responsible for this special day. Two years later my uncle has since retired from his job with city of Seattle and has become totally entrenched in our family tree and yes you guessed it I am a distant relative of the general and proud of it. Any how I have been very busy so I am just now attempting to learn more about the General. and Juneteenth day.

Thanks for creating this website.

A great site. I was made aware of your site at the HISTORY SYMPOSIUM JUNETEENTH: ORIGINS AND SIGNIFICANCE, presented by The Texas Juneteenth Commission, December 11, 1998 in Austin, Texas.

I just want to tell you how very glad and proud I am to have "stumbled" upon your site. I was born in Waco, Texas and am proud to be part of the Juneteenth legacy. My two young daughters will be shown the way to this very informative and uplifting site. It is true that in order to move ahead-you MUST look behind.

Great Page!!! Excellent and informative!!! Exciting to look and research!!!

I really appreciate looking into our past which gives me strength for the future. We all perish because of lack of knowledge. So it's the lack of not to slack off. I think some people get the two mixed up. Just to shed some light on the subject we must unite and learn also take care of the children and raise them right.

This is an outstanding web site! Not just technically, but in the sense that it speaks truth to power: it defines a need and fills a gap in African American history. Thank you for stepping forward.

I recently purchased "The Middle Passage" and it's depth has entranced me ever since I brought it home and introduced it to my two daughters. I have since discovered Tom Feelings work via the internet and I can't wait to purchase one of his works. It will be a welcomed addition to my home which will stimulate a multitude of conversations that will have my friends and family leaving with something rich and thought provoking.

Thank You for educating another black individual. I had heard only vaguely about Juneteenth but did not know the information behind it. You can better believe that I will be a part of the celebration, both in preparation and in enjoying, from now on. Thank You for your wonderfully informative site. It helps to re-enforce the fact that we should be proud of what we've accomplished and will yet accomplish.

Am extremely impressed with your website and information provided. Our youth organization, here in Philadelphia, Pa. is now planning the first annual major Juneteenth celebration

I have waited many years for this type of information. Thank you very much from the bottom {&top} of my heart as I continue to Learn.

This is a wonderful thing to happen and I hope this stay online so that our young people will be able to see.

This web site is educational when I grow up I will become a teacher and I will remember this site

I am really too emotional to express my feelings after cruising the Juneteenth website, particularly after seeing the Middle Passage abstracts and prose. I found out about Juneteenth about a year and a half ago while selling art. The company I worked for had a lithograph on canvas depicting African-Americans being read the decree of emancipation. It was an enlightening piece of work for me. I regret that I did not buy the piece, but I further regret that I did not even acknowledge Juneteenth again this year. The Middle Passage has moved my spirit beyond words. I will definitely by the book and next year I will indeed celebrate June 19th in 1999 and every year thereafter. My God Bless this Website and the people who make it happen. And to Tom Feelings, your work is EXCELLENT, only the spirit can move a person to depict pain in art form the way you have.

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