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"I just loved this article--so full of truth and clarity. I really enjoy this website!!!"

"What a wonderful and enlightening web page!!"

"I would just like to say, as a result of viewing your website, I have ascertained a surplus of knowledge that was never divulged to me. If it would not have been for me researching this topic for my English 101 course @ North Carolina A&T, I probably wouldn't have been stimulated to do this research. I am glad I took the time to find out more about my history." 

"I loved your site! I will definitely spread the word to all of my friends! "

"Praise the Lord- you are pointing us as a people both black and white in the right direction. Along with black history this day should also be praised and given it's propers. I would like to know if there is any effort to make all people especially government aware that this time exists and that we should acknowledge it. "

"I am elated about this website and am looking forward to making it to the celebration somewhere in the world this year! Congratulations."

"Valuable information on this site. I work in a library and was able to share your site with the students that have begun researching assignments for Black History Month."

"We as a people can never forget our history, survival and accomplishments in our country. We can never forget the prayers of our forefathers and mothers. We are a great race by God's grace, love and mercy. Thank you for this wonderful website."

"I teach a class at Alabama A&M University; "Understanding the Black Experience". I will share this information with the class. It is great!"

"I stumbled on to your site inadvertently, and I am so glad I did. I was informed, touched emotionally, and proud to see such a well done and artfully intelligent website. Thank you!"

"We would like to say that this is a wonderful site, and words cannot explain level of knowledge we have gained from your site. With the support from us and other we hope this site continues to grow"

"Thank you for helping spread the truths behind our freedom and the pride of our heritage. I have been a member of The Central Louisiana Juneteenth Association for the past 5 years. I feel such pride in spreading the word to our younger generation and in being a small part of the National Juneteenth Association. Thank you, Shirley Mitchell "

"I'm French and i had to do something on slavery in America ; then I done some searchs on the web and i falled on your page . After have seen the pictures relating of slavery, reading the comments, I 'm not going to do my work with the same eyes . I'm very interesting in Black people culture but I've never thougth of it with the same emotions than now . (sorry for my bad english but I hope that you have understood me ...) "

"This site was a great resource for me to learn more about my heritage. Thank you."

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